Sharing View with a Jira ServiceDesk Organization

Follow these steps to share a view as a template with an organization:

  1. Select the desired View which needs to be shared as a report in Jira Customer ServiceDesk Portal.
  2. From the View Tool panel , click on the share Icon ()
  3. Enter the Jira Customer Organization(s) for which the view needs to be shared as a report from right within the  JIRA ServiceDesk Customer Portal

View displayed to Customers in Portal Page is more restricted than the one displayed to the View Owner. The Jira issues displayed in Customer Portal View Reports is restricted to the logged in customer's requests & organization(s), in line with Atlassian ServiceDesk default reporting.

This is due to the fact that as a general design principle, we try to stick with Atlassian Design Guidelines/Best Practices

More on View Sharing Options

Customers can access the shared reports from the  JIRA ServiceDesk Customer Portal.

Next Steps

Notify your customers on how to access the shared report in Jira ServiceDesk Customer Portal