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Getting Started

Get started with JSON Viewer Macro for Confluence ( Cloud/Server/Datacenter). JSON Viewer makes it easy to view formatted JSON in Confluence.

The macro can be placed into any Confluence page to quickly turn your lengthy JSON objects into a friendly readable format.

Supports different view formats Inbuilt JSON syntax validation & complete data privacy & security.

1. Installing the App

Administrator access is required to install the App.
  1. Log in to Confluence
  2. Go to "Settings" link via the sidebar
  3. Click the "Find new add-ons" link on the left side bar
  4. Search for JSON Viewer Macro for Confluence
  5. Click the "Free Trial" button to start your evaluation
  6. That's it, you are good to go!

2. Accessing the App

After you have installed the App , JSON viewer is available in the macro browser.

  1. Log in to Confluence
  2. Go to a page and click "Edit"
  3. Click the "+" link on the toolbar
  4. Click other macros
  5. Search for JSON Viewer Macro for Confluence in macro browser
  6. Select the JSON Viewer macro
  7. You are good to get started with your macro !

                         Add JSON Macro to your Confluence Page using the Macro browser

Alternatively you may  edit the Confluence page and start typing

'{json' and select 'JSON Viewer Macro' in drop down menu to access the macro.

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