Page View Insights  for Confluence enable you to get insights on visitor behaviour by tracking page views (including anonymous views) of Confluence Spaces. Track and get analytical report on Confluence analytics.

Installing Page View Insights

Administrator access is required to install the App.
  1. Log in to Confluence
  2. Go to "Settings" link via the sidebar
  3. Click the "Find new add-ons" link on the left side bar
  4. Search for Page View Insights for Confluence
  5. Click the "Free trial" button to start your evaluation
  6. That's it, you are good to go!

Accessing Page View Insights

After you have installed Page View Insights , the  App icon is available to you in Confluence Space Navigation toolbar as shown below.

Next Steps

Well done, you've now installed Page View Insights ! For an in-depth guide on how to to view insights, see the guide to using Page View Insights.