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Security and Data Privacy

Data & Security Statement


What data permission does the app require to work with my Atlassian Products?


view26 Reports for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product and requires the permissions below:

  • View application roles.

  • View system and custom avatars.

Read the board configuration, features, properties, related projects, filters, and quick filters.

  • View issue comments.

  • Read field configurations.

  • View field default values.

  • View field options.

  • View fields.

  • View user groups.

  • View issue details.

  • View issue meta.

  • View issue security levels.

  • View issue statuses.

  • Read issue type hierarchies.

  • View issue types.

  • View issues.

Read Jira project and issue data, search for issues, and objects associated with issues like attachments and worklogs.

View the profile details for the currently logged-in user.

  • View priorities.

  • View project categories.

  • View project roles.

  • View project versions.

  • View project components.

  • View project properties.

  • View projects.

  • View resolutions.

Read the details of sprints, their issues, and properties.

  • View statuses.

  • View user properties.

  • View users.

  • View workflows.

  • Read and write to app storage service

  • Validate JQL.


What data does the app access / process?

view26 Reports for Jira accesses and processes the following data:

  • Jira's Projects all data

  • Jira's Issues all data

  • Jira's Users ids

What data does the app store?

view26 Reports for Jira stores only the following data:

  • Jira's Users ids

  • Jira user groups / JSM organizations


Where are the data stored?

view26 Reports for Jira is built with Atlassian’s latest development technology Atlassian’s latest development technology Forge.

That means that, all data is stored and managed directly in Atlassian's Forge Storage environment.

The app run inside a second security layer that enforces tenancy isolation and data egress restriction by design, which translates into more meaningful security and privacy guarantees for our customers.

No customer-specific data is retrieved and stored in the VIEW26 infrastructure.


How does the app use this collected data?

We only collect as little data as possible to ensure the app works and unlocks its full potential for our customers. For this, the collected data is used to read and process the information of your Jira projects, boards, and issues to display these calculated information through cards and chart gadgets in the dashboards and views created in the app.


Does the app stores any sensitive (personal or non-personal) information?

No sensitive personal or non-personal is anticipated to be stored by this app.


Does the app encode all data in transit and at rest?

Not applicable. This app does not store End-User Data outside of Atlassian products and services.


Who have access to the app data?

view26 Reports for Jira uses Atlassian's Forge platform, so all customer data is stored directly in Atlassian's cloud structure.

That is, the stored data of this app is not saved in any VIEW26 infrastructure/database.

Due to this architecture, the VIEW26 team cannot access any app data outside of when the tool is utilized through the UI.


Does the app support data residency?

Yes, this app supports Data Residency in all currently available regions:

  • Global - All Atlassian cloud across AWS regions

  • Australia - Consists of Australia (Sydney) region

  • Canada - Consists of Canada (Central) region

  • EU - Consists of Europe (Frankfurt) and Europe (Dublin) regions

  • Germany - Consists of Europe (Frankfurt) region

  • India - Consists of Asia Pacific (Mumbai) regions

  • Japan - Consists of Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region

  • Singapore - Consists of Asia Pacific (Singapore) region

  • South Korea - Consists of Asia Pacific (Seoul) region

  • Switzerland - Consists of Europe (Zurich) region

  • United Kingdom - Consists of Europe (London) region

  • USA - Consists of US East (North Virginia) and US West (North California) regions

To learn more, please see these additional resources:


Does the app have a data retention policy?

VIEW26 team cannot remove or access data for you due to the limited access to Atlassian's Forge Infrastructure. However, you can request the deletion of this data on our Support Portal, and we will forward this request to Atlassian to carry out this process.

Upon this request, Atlassian will delete all End User Personal Data (including copies) processed on behalf of VIEW26 in compliance with the procedures and retention periods outlined in Atlassian's Forge DPA.

The data deletion process occurs only on demand and via explicit user request. To request the deletion of the data stored, you can open a ticket anytime directly on our support portal  using this link , and we will forward this request to Atlassian.


Does the app have a data backup policy?

view26 Reports for Jira uses Atlassian's Forge platform, so all customer data is stored directly in Atlassian's cloud structure.

Due to this architecture, this product utilizes Atlassian's own backup and data recovery features. See more info here: Atlassian's Data Management.



Please note that this document is not a legal document nor a guarantee. It should be treated as guidance on what VIEW26 team strives to accomplish in this area.

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