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Creating a Planning Session

  1. Click on Sprint Planning on the left pane to go to Sprint Planning Page

  2. Create New session to start a Creating a Planning Session

Create Planning Session.png

  1. Enter Session Name

  2. The session would be in Synchronous Mode by default for real-time estimation, but you can set the Async Toggle ON to enable Asynchronous mode

  3. Add the names of Estimators

  4. Add the list of Watchers, who will observe the planning without providing any estimation

Only users who are Members can be added as Estimators and Watchers

  1. Click Next to continue entering the details

Create Planning 1.png

  1. Select the issues to be added to the Planning Session

  2. Once the items have been selected, click Create Session.

Create Planning 2.png

  1. Your first Planning Session has now been created.

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