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Estimating an Item in Synchronous Mode

In Synchronous mode, the estimators and the creator convene to finalize the estimation.

  1. Once you are in a Planning Session, the items to be estimated will be displayed on the right under Planning Backlog

  2. Each item is presented in the form of a card, featuring the item name and any associated document comments. Navigate to different items in the Planning Session by clicking the arrow > next to the card.

  3. The current mode, which is Synchronous in this case, is prominently displayed at the top.

  4. The Creator of the Planning session initiates the Timer and stops it when the Session is completed. The elapsed time and remaining time are both displayed. The timer is flexible and can be paused whenever necessary. The team discusses the item on the card and each one marks their Vote preference for that particular item.

  5. Members of the team who are yet to vote are listed in the Pending section.

  6. Team members who have cast their votes are moved to the Voted List.

  7. Participants can cast their votes by adjusting the slider to their desired selection.

  8. Once every team member has voted, the creator reveals the votes for the item by clicking the Reveal button situated at the bottom right to view the votes.

sync session.png

The creator now Finalizes the Estimate for the particular card in discussion.

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