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Quick Start for Scrum Manager

Welcome to VIEW26. Let’s get you started with using the App!

1. Access the App

  1. Install VIEW26 Scrum Manager App

  2. Log in to Jira

  3. Click on Scrum Manager in a Agile Board  to enter the app

2. Configure Settings

The following options exists for configuring the Scrum Manager board Settings

Ability to configure the time duration of the standup

  • By member

  • By total duration

Ability to configure the card display order

  • By alphabetic order

  • By number of items at risk

3. Capture Standup Updates - Team Members

  1. As a team member provide updates for the daily Scrum by clicking on Capture Updates  option in the App menu

  2. Answer the 3 daily scrum questions by using the drag & drop feature

  3. Add comments to provide more context for your team

  4. Flag impediments ( if any )

  5. Add additional comments for issues worked outside of the Sprint Goals

  6. Submit your Update

4. Running Daily Standup - Scrum Master

  1. As a Scrum Master click on Scrum Manager in a Agile Board  to start the daily Scrum ritual

  2. Adjust the Scrum Settings for duration/card order.

  3. Start the timer to get the Scrum started

  4. Take notes by pining Tasks or adding comment(s)

  5. Add additional comments for issues worked outside of the Sprint Goals

  6. Stop the Timer at the end of the Scrum

4. Track progress - Scrum Master

  1. Stop the Timer to close the meeting

  2. View the Summary page to check the Work-Timeline & Heat-map reports

  3. Use the reports to gain a better understanding of work in progress, identify bottlenecks, and monitor Sprint progress.

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