Create your first Dashboard

Create your Dashboard

A view26 dashboard allows you to aggregate and co-relate data across different tools. 

Create  your first Dashboard in 4 easy clicks. When creating a new Dashboard, all you needs is to provide a  name and add the desired projects to report on.


                         Step 1 - Give a name to identify your Dashboard

                        Step 2 - Select the desired tool &  projects to report on 

                       Step 3 - Perform Mappings for standardisation across tools

The  Dashboard is ready for use once the data import is complete. The Dashboard comes with a number of default charts & metrics allowing  you to easily observe key trends and indicators for your Test projects.

               Easily create a dashboard to report across multiple service desk projects.

Next Steps

Well done, you've created your first dashboard ! For an in-depth guide on how to  create custom reports, see the  guide to creating & customising Reports.