Create and customize Reports

While the default Dashboard provided by view26 may suffice, the real usefulness of Dashboards lies in your ability to create and customize them the way you want. The steps outlined in this article will teach you how to create and customize a Report. (You can follow many of these steps to edit existing Report templates, as well).

Create a new Report

              Create a report from a blank template

  1. Start in Reports page (Dashboard Settings->Reports)
  2. Click on the "Blank" report at the top of the page
  3. Give your Report a descriptive title

  4. Click "Save as template"
  5. Exit the Report

Newly saved Template will be visible in the Templates Gallery

Add widgets to your Report

A Dashboard can have one or more instances of the following kinds of widgets:

  • Notes Widget - A note editor to summarise the report
  • Charts Widget - displays a pie/line/bar chart of the selected metric grouped by a dimension
  • Report Widget - displays filtered Jira issues, laid out in tabular format.
  • KPI Widget -  displays a simple numeric representation of a single selected metric.

To add a widget to a Report

             Keep adding widgets to create your custom report

  1. From the right panel select the desired widget , or click + to create a custom widget filter.
  2. Drag and drop the Widget to the appropriate section.
  3. Configure the widget’s dimensions, and chart options.

To customize  a Report

  1. Add Sections with descriptive title to your Dashboard, to group widgets.
  2. Configure the widget’s width &  and chart type options.
  3. Rearrange the widgets using drag options
  4. Add several note widgets to summarise section groups.

Delete a Report

You can remove a Report entirely by clicking the Delete Report icon from my  Reports → Templates Gallery → User Created 

Next Steps

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