Adding Excel Sheet as a Datasource

VIEW26 supports Excel files to be uploaded as a datasource. Currently we support Excel files with extension .xlsx . Support for .xls & .csv is planned in the product roadmap.

With VIEW26, move from unmanageable spreadsheets to intuitive analysis. Ask and answer deeper questions on the fly—without coding, pivot tables, or static reports—and identify trends and outliers. VIEW26 visualizations are interactive, easy to share, and help everyone in your business get results. Make confident data-driven decisions with a platform that supports your cycle of analytics.

We have taken care to make it easy for you to upload excel sheet in the format which you are comfortable. VIEW26 does its best to detect the relevant entity columns & rows automatically for you to perform field mapping with ease .

Supported Table Templates

However merged cells like multiple headers or split cells will cause issues and hence its strongly recommended to use VIEW26 recommended template.

Non supported Table template - Merged Columns

VIEW26 Entities needs to be specified in separate Sheets of Excel. For each of the Entity there are certain mandatory fields which needs to be included as columns in the sheet.  

Mandatory Columns for VIEW26 Entities


    • Coverage Status (Format: String/List value)
    • Creation Date (Format: Date - or dd/mm/yyyy)

    • Priority (Format: String/List value)


    • Creation Date (Format: Date - or dd/mm/yyyy)

    • Designer (Format: String )

TestCase Execution

    • Execution Date (Format: Date - or dd/mm/yyyy)

    • Status (Format: String/List value)
    • Tester (Format: String)


    • Detected on Date (Format: Date - or dd/mm/yyyy)

    • Priority (Format: String/List value)
    • Status (Format: String/List value)
    • Assigned To (Format: String/List value)

      Other Entity Columns can be mapped as VIEW26 Custom field during Field Mapping.