Welcome to VIEW26 !

Let’s get you started with using the App.

Access the App

  1. Install User Mentions Gadget for Jira App

  2. Log in to Jira

  3. Click on Dashboards Menu in the Jira Global navigation-bar 

  4. Select the Dashboard of your choice

  5. Click on Edit to edit the Dashboard

  6. Select Add gadget option

  7. Search for “User Mentions” gadget

  8. Select and click Add

Access the Dashboard Menu

Edit the Dashboard

Add Gadget to Dashboard

Configure the App

  1. Click on Configure gadget option

  2. Select the filter

    1. Either your mentions or

    2. Select team members

  3. Save the Gadget configuration

View User mentions

  1. Just after App installation the list shows up Empty

  2. The mentions activity can only be shown from the point when the App is installed

  3. Add a comment with mention based on configuration

  4. The gadget should update the list with the mention instantaneously

Empty List

List showing mentions