Revamped Settings Page 

The settings page is revamped for easy access with the growing list of Customization Support.

In the new settings page – Permission settings and Customizations settings are separated into two distinct tabs.

Change View Owner & Internationalization are two new features included in the revamped settings page.

Revamped Settings Page

Change VIEW owner

This new feature allows App admins to change ownership of VIEWs created by others and assign it to themselves. This is useful in scenarios where the VIEW owner is no longer part of the company.

Support for Localization 

We have got started with Localization support in our platform. Currently, the supported locale includes DE & EN. Raise a feature request to get your desired language supported

The updated Date Filter component

Date filter component now supports In range & Within the Last N days/weeks clause.

This feature allows you to create a VIEW that supports dynamic date range filters, thus avoiding multiple redundant monthly reports.

New Date filter component

Support for image embedding in Notes widget

The Note Widget now allows you to embed image content in your reports. In other words, you can customize your Reports ever further!

Refer Configuring Permissions for more details on Permission Settings

Refer Branding Customization for more details on Customizations