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This feature is available in our Cloud variant but not yet in the Datacenter variant. It's on our roadmap for an upcoming update to ensure a consistent experience across all platforms. Kindly check release roadmap for timelines.

Let’s take a look at how to create a Custom Widget of KPI Type.


  1. Select Type as KPI on the Create Widget screen.

2. In the next screen, select the Filters you wish to apply to your view .

3. You can choose between Custom KPI and Built-in KPI.

4. Select your Filter criteria 

For Custom KPI- Select Measures, KPI Field, Dataview Columns as required from the drop down lists.
For Built-in KPIs -Select Built-in KPIs, Dataview Columns as required from the drop down lists.

5. There is also an option to add More Filters.

6. Click Next

7. You can now get a Preview of your Widget on your screen.

8. Click Create

9. And now you have successfully created your Custom KPI Widget which will appear in your View.

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