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Scrum Task Review

The Daily Scrum enables team members to stay informed about each other's progress and challenges, promoting a more efficient and organized scrum call.

  1. As soon as you enter app, you are taken to the ‘Daily Scrum’ page. You can also get here by clicking on ‘Daily Scrum’ on the left tab.

  2. Here each team member has a card displayed during the scrum call. The card provides details on the Tasks assigned to that particular team member. The Standup Updates (entered by the team member in the standup updates section ) on the tasks the team member is working on today, yesterday’s tasks, and any blockers are all updated within the tasks.

  3. The session creator starts the Timer at the beginning of the session and stops it upon completion. Both the elapsed time and the remaining time for the entire session are displayed. The timer can be paused anytime if necessary.

scrum 1.png

  1. Each card has a countdown timer, set to a predefined duration from the settings page, displaying the remaining time for that card. The card owner provides updates on their work and any impediments within this allotted time.

  2. The count of tasks the team member is working on today, on the yesterday’s tasks and on any blockers displayed on the top of each card. The additional comments for issues worked outside of the Sprint Goals appear on the card above all tasks.

  3. The Notes section on the right can be used to capture any updates that require follow-up for the current sprint. These notes can be assigned to a particular member, and a due date can also be specified. Once a follow-up activity is completed, it can be ticked off to indicate its completion. This ensures that important follow-up actions are tracked, assigned, and completed efficiently.

  4. There are two views available for a card:

    1. Standup Updates View: This view displays all updates entered in the 'Standup Updates' screen.

    2. Current Sprint Task View: This view shows only the tasks for the current sprint.

    You can switch between these views by clicking the icon on the left.

  5. After the updates for a particular card have been discussed, the Scrum Master proceeds to the next card for discussion by clicking the arrow (>) next to the card.

  1. The followup screen displays all the followups for the sprint. This is usually the first card in the Daily Scrum.

  1. Once all cards have been discussed, the daily Scrum concludes with the scrum master stopping the timer or ending the session by clicking the ‘End Scrum' button. This action directs the team to the sprint 'Summary’ screen.

scrum complete.png

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