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5. Settings Page

To find the Settings Page for Support Time Contract Management:

  1. On the top Menubar, click on Apps

  2. Click Manage Your Apps

3. The Manage App Page gets Loaded

4. On the left Menubar, click on Support Time Contract Management

5. Specify the JSM Projects that support time contracts ( You can further specify the Projects that need to be part of a specific Contract while creating the contract by selecting the Advanced option )

6. Logging Work - You can opt to include or exclude Worklogs with a specific prefix in the Worklog Comment. (they will be excluded/included from Worklog calculation - Eg. Non billable hours)

7. It is also possible to Enable rounding of work log to the nearest time block interval

8. Perform Full Resync -Click to initiate a complete resynchronization of all contracts. This process may take some time, depending on the number of contracts. It ensures that your contract worklogs is up-to-date and consistent with the source system. A progress indicator will be displayed during the resync, and you'll be notified once the process is complete.

9. Save the changes

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